The Talibans had not shot Malala Yousufzai. They had shot her spirit. Their message was loud – suppression of a dream. This little girl’s dream is the dream of every subjugated soul. It is the desire for liberation.
This is the astounding story of profound self belief and infinite courage. Malala is our warrior, battling every fear with hope. The enemy looks apparant. The Talibans are our despicable demons. Yet,is the plot that simple? Within itself,even this story hides deeper layers. The real despot continues to hide behind these crude talibs. Can we see them?
President Barack Obama condemned Malala’s humiliation as ‘disgusting’. Alongside,the entire western world pledged for Malala’s dream. But Malala’s dream is not so easy to be realized. It requires struggle,relentless struggle of many more generations to come.
Post 9/11,the U.S.A has provided Pakistan with military and economic aid adding up to over $25 billion. These aids have included eighteen F16 jet fighters, five hundred AMRAAN air missiles, six C130 transport aircrafts and various others. No other nation except Israel has recieved so much from America. Repeated interrogations of captured terrorists have confirmed that these resources have often aided various terror activities.
Many years ago,the Talibans overthrew the Russian puppet ruler Najibullah. The strongest Taliban ally then, was none other than Uncle Sam himself. The Talibans became the face of the capitalist western block in the proxy war at Afghanistan.
All amunitions of Osama Bin Laden were then supplied by our very own pro democracy, United States of America.
Then too,Mazhar e sherif was massacred. Millions of Afghanis were tortured. The nation was ransacked. An untold number of refugees fled with their indefinite destiny. The future of millions of children was pushed to the dark.
Even today, hundreds of Pakistani civilians die in the Drone attacks which kill only civilians. Yet, America remains the preserver of global Human Rights.
Neo Colonialism continues to enslave our minds. With each gulp of coke we consume,we soak deeper into this delusion. They control each of our senses. They hound Iran in its nuclear mission. Yet no one notices the monstrous despotism Of Israel. Instead America continues to remain their strongest ally. Even the Muslim world refuses support to a Shia’te Iran. Iran stands cornered.
Malala’s journey has just begun. There is no mercy in her  fight for freedom. Behind every endearing face, hides an enemy. Malala’s sensibilities are only tools of mileage in the greedy aspirations of this cruel world.
Yet, the hope lies inher simplicity. It is the goodwill of innocence alone that can break down walls of deception. Malala’s dream is our dream. It is the dream to live beyond just a hopeless survival. It is a dream to seek truth. It is a dream to rise above destiny. The purity in Malala’s intent shall redefine freedom for every confined soul.

” Because the simple power of goodwill
can destroy every evil”

The Enemy Within


5 thoughts on “The Enemy Within

  1. sunayana bhat says:

    It was amazing…..the way u is just-superb!!!!!!the usage of vocabulary is gr8!!!

  2. Supritha Injeti says:

    amazing stuff!

  3. Rishabh Pagaria says:

    Very well put forth…sparks a lot of interest and eagerness to get to the roots of this threat to the modern civilization 🙂

    I feel that the US has just fueled this process and are now paying the price for it…their poison is beginning to spread in their own veins.

    • thelunaticcacophony says:

      Thank you Rishabh!
      I am not too sure though, on how much the poison has spread into the American veins. They continue to aid terrorism and seem to simply hide behind a mask of ‘War On Terror.’
      Be it Iraq, Vietnam or Afghanistan, They have only interfered into other’s affairs and somehow continue to do the same.
      And the rest of us continue to disagree over petty issues and cannot come together to form a strong front. The world is sadly uni polar now :/

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