“Oh! She died finally? Gosh! Delhi is so unsafe now. Going to India Gate or not?” “No!no! I am organizing my own vigil.I will lead the march.I am so disturbed!” The murmurs are all around. Discussions and debates have  spiced up.Delhi is suddenly aroused to protest against ‘rapes’. Off course the weather is just perfect for a demonstration at the India Gate. I too began writing another article. This is a topic that sells well…what better way to get some easy acclaim? Along with the mob,let me flex my intellectual muscles too! Maybe there is something behind that mob hysteria. But rapes are not just some isolated incidents. They are the implication of a larger and deep rooted social dilemma… A revolution is not an end in itself. It is only a beginning of a larger outcome. In our tryst with destiny,when the state woke up to freedom,did the nation slip into a slumber? Was India ready for freedom.? When the social value system crumbles,no one social group falls vulnerable. Modern Indian society continues to struggle in its discovery of an identity. On one hand, India glitters in the glamour of luxury brands,sports cars,malls and Bollywood. On the other hand, persists the harsh reality of caste oppression,child labor and slow social mobility. Frustration breeds on us,right from birth. Sadism is in our thinking today. The internet and the newspapers gave me a detailed story of the girl’s trauma. The descriptions were good enough to re live almost every moment of it. We all read that particular news with utmost inclination. Then began suggesting even more gruesome methods of tortures on the accused. What are these emotions? An outburst of social disgust and sympathy or an outcome of complete social frustration? Freedom is not a rhetoric. Freedom comes with independence. Freedom is the result of evolution. When a child is turned into a labor and is denied basic human rights,how can he evolve? His innocence is crushed under cruel social demands. Independence to him,is only a fantasy! He is forced to exist in a life amidst immense oppression and abuse. He can never grow up to live a life of dignity. He cleans your new car every morning. He washes my laundry at night. He can never own a car or wear a brand. He forms more than 60% of our population. His only mode of exposure is Chulbul Pandey. Salman khan and bollywood bring out the hidden frustrated sadism in him. Through Salman,he tortures the villains of the society and takes his revenge. Item songs tickle his basic instincts. At night,cheap liquor intoxicates his numb feelings. Yes, he too grows up one day, but he never attains maturity. Can India grow up to realize this cultural parity? The nation stands at the crossroads of its destiny. Human beings are gradually turning to commodities. Our minds are on a state of utter confusion. Even a great democracy as the United States of America must control the freedom to posses guns to ensure safety. They are far more evolved than us. Even great universities like Harvard,have BDSM clubs today. But that does not make their society any uncomfortable. Americans no longer fancy their sex shows. They are a model democracy. We are still a budding democracy. I hear even educated Indians who still feel that women must dress ‘right’ to avoid rapes. Our ministers too often pass rather funny remarks. They only highlight the variation in the social thought process .The very visualization of a woman in India is still blur. She is still either a goddess or a prostitute.And a prostitute is not a woman!   No one lives without a label in India. Indian girls grow up with harassments. Every six minutes, an atrocity is committed against women. In fact,only 10% rape cases get reported in India. I have personally never met a girl who has never been harassed. Even the ever sympathetic society did not reach out to the lady when she lay helpless on the streets. Probably even I would not help her. We are all too engrossed in our narrow myopic interests. Can punishing only rapists solve the issue?Why must not a simple ogling or a petty molestation be treated with extreme rigidity ? These little acts after all lead to the final disasters! Why wait till the instincts overpower a person’s reasoning? Can even a man walk alone or travel alone in the empty streets of Delhi? He too is vulnerable. Everyday, the newspapers unfold to me atleast six faces of men,children and women who are either missing,kidnapped or dead! Isn’t our entire society vulnerable today? Can we save the childhood of millions of our children? Are we matured enough to sustain a free and liberal society? The question continue to intrigue me. I still do not have an answer but I have a belief. Social change comes with time. We evolve with experience and experience comes from freedom. Every society has certain challenges. It is left to us to deal  with them. In spite of it’s challenges,democracy and freedom carve out their own paths. Suppression of the feelings within can only worsen development. I know, it is a long way… But the world shall be free some day…

Beyond that sensational headline…


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