Lunatic Cacophony

About Us :

Lunatic Cacophony is the space to discover individuality and to pursue every dream. We believe, that no matter, how difficult our aspirations are…there is always a way to realise them. So, join us, as we build this community of divergent ideas, hopes, debates, art, culture and every other form of human expressions. We deny age. We deny borders. We deny all taboos that may intimated us. All we choose to accept is our honesty that liberates us! Share with us,  your ideas about what interests you from debate…painting…theatre…dance…law…business…science…literature…research…philosophy to anything at all! Together,we can find meaning in absurdity and genius  within mediocrity!

We do everything online…including public speaking and theatre!

No matter how oppressed or afraid we are to follow your heart, we can still find our way. If you have the courage to make a difference to your life, join us and we promise, we shall together, make it happen!

Write to us at or call us at +91 8860799513